LIVING TITANIC - A MUSICAL MEMOIR OF ATLANTIC CANADA's ONLY SURVIVOR: HILDA MARY SLAYTER LACON created and performed by Rosalee Peppard, from Hilda's actual journal with permission from Alan Ruffman and Garry Shutlak.

Costume by LARK.

Photo: L. Beauchamp Day/Maritime Museum of the Atlantic, Halifax, NS 
photo:W Berringer

Titanic News

Titanic News

A century ago, two of History's greatest marine disasters shocked the world: Titanic and the Halifax Harbour Explosion. Did you know that there was one - and only one survivor  who experienced both and lived to tell the tale? She was Nova Scotia's Hilda mary slayter!

ROSALeE was invited to perform LIVING TITANIC & MORE! at the National arts Centre in Ottawa.

Rosalee was invited to perform Living Titanic in at the international Titanic convention in Belfast, hosted by the Belfast Titanic Society. Titanic Belfast Museum also invited Rosalee to participate in their anniversary commemoration!

LIVING TITANIC has been officially endorsed by the titanic society of atlantic canada!

Nova Scotia Survivor

In 2012 Rosalee created a new Musicale commemorating the 100th anniversary of Titanic:
LIVING TITANIC - The musical memoir of Atlantic Canada's Only Survivor:

LIVING TITANIC is an authentic story of survival - the true voice of a Halifax debutante and singer who was on her way back to Canada to marry an aristocrat when she was embroiled in the world's greatest maritime drama and humanity's greatest test of character.  

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Rosalee's "Living Titanic" costume was created by Ottawa couturier designer Lark. Taking her inspiration from the personal account of Hilda Slayter's trousseau that was lost on Titanic, and her own research, Lark has created a breathtaking echo of Edwardian era elegance. Rosalee is honoured to share Lark's art with the world.


LIVING TITANIC - a Musical Memoir of Nova Scotia's only survivor: hilda mary slayter

Rosalee debuted Living Titanic with fiddler Kate Dunlay, April 10, 2012 at the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic in Halifax, Nova Scotia, to a sold out house and has continued touring North America. 

The one-woman show unravels events from the real life character's perspective which reflects her mother's wisdom: "Life is a test of Character, not a time of frivolity." It is a combination of Hilda's authentic eyewitness narrative, interwoven with songs of the time, plus 2 new songs Rosalee composed especially for LIVING TITANIC.  Runs approximately 1 hour. Living Titanic is also available with Piano accompaniment, especially composed by Canadian composer, Alasdair MacLean or with Fiddle accompaniment arranged by Kate Dunlay.

above photo by Leigh Beauchamp Day
Maritime Museum of the Atlantic, Halifax, NS
What audiences are saying about Rosalee Peppard's LIVING TITANIC:

I recently had the pleasure of working with Rosalee on Titanic Belfast’s commemoration event ‘A Night to Remember’. Her professionalism and talent was second to none and she really added to the event by becoming Canada’s ‘unsinkable Hilday Mary Slayter’. Thanks to her, and the other actors we had taking part on the night, the event touched the lives of everyone and really brought the tragedy of Titanic so close to home. I wish Rosalee all the best and hope to work with her again next year!
Judith Anderson, Duty & Events Officer, Titanic Belfast April 2015

Out of all the events and activities we had at the Belfast Titanic International Convention, Rosalee's performance was the best and most memorable. It was truly outstanding.
Mary Steinberg-Ernst, Germany

Translation: Rosalee's performance at the International Titanic Convention in Belfast was 'overwhelming' and a 'one person musical of the finest order'. Rosalee is an 'All around -Talent!' Combining in one production; singing, guitar playing, writing, composing, and acting. 
Gertrud Schmidt, Der Navigator

The audience gasped, cried and applauded on queue.” Peppard's performance was commanding, animated and confident with sprinklings of humour to offset the heartbreak of the tragedy. Her character, at the end of the presentation, urges everyone to write his or her own story for history’s sake.“If I hadn’t, we wouldn’t be here today,” she concludes. 
Huntsville Forester 2015
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